Amber Spence


couple kissing small dog

I always get asked if its okay for the dog children to tag along. My answer is ALWAYS, Yes! Our dogs are much apart of the family, as any one else.

Heres some tips to consider when bringing your dog to their family photo shoot.

  1. Bring treats – We have to get them to sit still long enough for photos and a treat usually does the trick. I will hold the treat right above my camera to make sure they are looking in the direction of everyone else.

  2. Extra Body – Of course you will want your dog in the photos but you will also want some without them. Having a long enough leash to attach them to a near by object or having an extra person to tag along to hold them during solo or couple shots will be beneficial.

  3. Look at me – While I am getting their attention it is important that your (the humans) continue looking at the camera. There might be a split second where I have the dogs attention and if you’re looking else where or trying to fix the dog it can make it a little more difficult.

  4. Be Understanding – Many dogs will be shy or not be into me or my camera at first, thats okay. I’ll try my best to get them as comfortable as I can. With a little bit of patience and dog treats, they will usually warm up to me and he surroundings.


Enjoy some cute dogs and their fam 🙂